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Fighting for life, a puppy finds life again with the help of lovable chimpanzees! (With Video)

Jenny and Jim Desmond, who run the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue in West Africa, were driving down the streets of a remote Liberian village one day when they saw Snafu, a tiny furry puppy fighting for life and death.

She took the puppy to their sanctuary, where Jenny and her husband, Jim, gave her the medical attention she needed.

At that time, she was starving and was suffering from an infection because her body had worms. Her health condition was getting worse and worse. Therefore, they both acted with strict vigilance regarding the snafu.

After a few days, her eyes became brighter and her skin was becoming more healthy than it was. Therefore, they introduced Snafu to the chimpanzees in the sanctuary.

The chimpanzee immediately fell in love with Snafu and started spending time playing with her.

After she was fully recovered, Jenny found her a new home in Colorado. Thanks to Jenny and Jim, Snafu lives a comfortable life in a loving nest with two sisters who love her dearly and a mom and dad…

Video – YouTube

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