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Hidden Secrets Of The Amazon Rainforest

We find out new things about the rainforest seemingly every year. There are even hidden secrets of the Amazon Rainforest that could be life-changing. Sometimes, it’s even a massive shock to see what comes out of there.
One of the most amazing things about the Amazon is just that, the secrets hidden within. A lot of people know the place for being a big rainforest that is often nicknamed the “lungs of the Earth.” It is true that the Amazon Rainforest supplies around 20% of the world’s oxygen every day. However, its secrets are much more impressive.

The Amazon is home to the largest spider

Our list will focus on a lot of things, but you will often see animals making the list due to their uniqueness. The Amazon is home to a ton of amazing animal species that are not native to any other place on Earth. The rainforest has more species of spiders than any other place as well. A whopping 3,600 species of spider can be found here. However, none compare to the Goliath.

The Boiling River with 93 Degrees Celsius Water

I have already mentioned that Amazon has the longest river in the world, but few people know that there’s another river in the Amazon Rainforest. One of them is called ‘The Boiling River’ and it has earned its name, not by a coincidence. It’s literally boiling and at times its temperature can be as high as 93 degrees Celsius. The steam is rising from its surface giving all living beings a warning that they shouldn’t even think about taking a dip there.

The plants in the Amazon are absolutely massive

In a world where the environment is wet and perfect for plant life to grow and thrive, some of the most interesting and unique plants tend to live. The Amazon is home to thousands of plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This includes some of the biggest plants on the planet too. One such plant is known as the Rafflesia flower.

 a Tree That Can Literally Walk

If you watched Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy then you surely remember huge tree-like creatures called Ents. Guess what, they’re more real than Gandalf. While they don’t look and act exactly like it was shown in the movie, they can walk. The speed of their movement is tremendously slow because these trees move due to new roots growing toward sunlight and replacing the old roots. Imagine how much time it takes them to walk one meter.

Jesus Lizard, Which Can Walk on Water

Basilisks live near lakes, ponds are rivers and in general, they’re very interesting creatures to observe. In case you haven’t seen them running on water do so right now. This may be the funniest thing you see today.

The Amazon Bullet Ant

While there are several different types of ants both in the Amazon and around the world, very few can hold up to the Bullet Ant. This is the largest ant species known today and they happen to be located all over the rainforest. In fact, you could literally walk in any direction you choose in the Amazon and come across them pretty quickly.



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