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How Discontent Ruins Your Life

It’s easy to blame others and circumstances for why you aren’t successful or happy in life, but the truth is it’s your actions that determine these things.
These days, being discontent isn’t something we’re ashamed of – it’s something we kind of aspire to. Seemingly unaware of its devastating consequences, we allow it to live and grow in us – enriched by a never-ending stream of social media and clever marketing designed to make us want things we don’t need, we buy into the subconscious belief that if we were to have more, we might be more. How Discontent Ruins Your Life

Here are ways you might be sabotaging your own life.

Discontent feeds consumer addiction

Every new acquirement may provide a shot of confidence and happiness, but the kick is as short-lived as a single-shot espresso. As the high abates, a restless desire for the next thing takes its place.
the more you get, the more you need. This desire to acquire is highly addictive. And like all addictions, it eats into your vital resources – especially your money and time. Just consider the ever-escalating levels of consumer debt, coupled with the chronic lack of spare time most people now have.

You Think Of Missed Opportunities

This doesn’t count just those things that might have happened a week ago, you think back to years and decades previously where you point out the moment where things could have been different.
You think of how your life might have been had you not gone with that decision on that day.
You also lump together several opportunities you had but never took a chance on.
There are times when you see someone who got a similar opportunity you once had and rue how they’ve made it work while you didn’t.

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You try to make everyone else happy

If you spend your life trying to make other people happy, this is a form of self-sabotage. It’s important that you make yourself happy before you worry about if someone else is happy. If you are dating someone new and they don’t like your running schedule because it takes you away from texting them or seeing them when it suits them, you should not change your schedule or stop running completely. Now and then compromise is needed from both parties, but you should never stop doing something you love to accommodate someone else. You can’t successfully make everyone else happy without sacrificing your own happiness. We are all responsible for how we feel.

You Feel Down or Sad Most of the Time

You can’t be discontent if you don’t feel sad. This happens as a general mood rather than a burst of sad feelings.
Whatever you do as part of your normal routine carries these bouts of gloom.
It’s not only the things you do, it’s also the things that you think of doing. The activities that should be making you feel excited only make you feel down. Not much matters because you don’t have any enthusiasm for it.

How Discontent Ruins You

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