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How do I know God loves me

We are constantly told, “God loves you.” God is love. All of that can just seem like it’s theoretical, especially in difficult times. Where is His love then? How do I know God loves me? God’s love is not his sparing us suffering and death. His love is mainly his showing us and giving us himself in his glory.
where is God now? Tears are spilling down your cheeks. You just lost your job. You just lost a friend. You had a really rough day. Maybe you’ve had a long stretch of bad luck. Maybe someone did something to hurt you. Maybe you are so fed up with who you are, you think that you are not worthy of His love. There are so many reasons that can come up that cause a person to doubt God’s love; to question if He is even looking after you at all. God loves us mainly by giving us himself and all that he is for us in Jesus. Jesus loves us mainly by giving us himself and all that God is for us in him.

How do I know God loves me

God’s love is proven by his actions

How do we know if God loves us? He proved it. Jesus defines God’s love in action.
Because while we were out of line, while we were running as fast and as far away from him as we could, he pursued us. He came after us. But God doesn’t wait for us to be right with him. He loves us first.

He wants a relationship with you

There are so many places you see that he wants a relationship with you in the Bible, from Jeremiah 33:3, where he says he will answer us when we call to him, to Romans 13:14, where we are instructed to clothe ourselves with the presence of Jesus. In Colossians 2:6-7 we are encouraged to continue to follow him. Hebrews 4:16 tells us we can come boldly to the throne. John 10:14 is where Jesus explains that he is the Good Shepherd and that his sheep know him and he knows his sheep. I think I understand most about his desire for me to have a relationship with him in John 15:5 where he tells us to remain in him and he will remain in us and it is only together that we can produce much fruit.

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A God of compassion

God knows us, and He has compassion on our weakness. He is not a hard, unjust God. He is righteous, and He is moved with compassion for us. He is our biggest supporter; no one wants it to succeed for us more than He does. Believe in that. Believe in the wonderfully uplifting words He spoke through the prophet Jeremiah.

He created you.

(Psalm 139 )says He knew you before you were born. He knit you together in your mother’s womb. You were planned way before you even existed. God put thought and care in to your design.

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