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How to hear God’s voice

“How to hear God’s voice?” is an age-old question that many Christians struggle with. We all experience confusing circumstances. Sometimes you may just want God to send you a text message to tell you what to do. Maybe you feel far from God and want Him to reach out to reassure you He’s still there. Maybe you’ve heard people say the God of the Bible is personal, but you have never interacted with God before and wonder how to begin.

How Do We Start Hearing God’s Voice

Talk with God. It isn’t necessary to use fancy words. Use verbiage that you are most comfortable with. Be open and transparent and listen for His gentle whispers. While praying, you can enthusiastically say to God that you’re waiting for Him to speak. Sometimes, though, we must wait for God’s answer to a specific prayer. He’s not saying no but He is requiring you to wait. During this pause, be mindful of the way God’s voice can be heard throughout nature. With the rising of the morning sun, He reminds us He’s faithful—He hasn’t forgotten about us, our prayers, or our needs.

read the Bible deeply and in conversation with God

Interestingly, throughout church history, Catholics, Protestants, and Puritans have all used basically the same approach to read the Bible deeply and in conversation with God. It has been called divine reading, Lectio Divina, or spiritual reading. Honoring the overlap and commonality of these diverse traditions, we can call it contemplative reading. The process looks something like this:

Meditate on the reading, listening for God’s voice(How to hear God’s voice)

Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal meaning, and transform your heart. Savor the impression, word, concept, or phrase that caught your attention as you read. How is God speaking to you? How does he want to transform you? Is he touching your thoughts, desires, passions, memories, hopes, fears, and experiences? Is he expanding your missional imagination? How is he trying to get your attention in this moment

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