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Hurricane survivor squirrel won’t give up her own mini teddy bear!

Unfortunately, Jill was thrown from her nest when she was caught in the sudden Hurricane Isaac. But luckily for the young squirrel, she was rescued by a loving family.

She intended to stay there only until she was older and stronger, but it became her forever home. It has now been seven years since Jill moved in and she is thriving.

She was able to live very happily with this beautiful family and Jill realized that life with her new family was very sweet.

Her Instagram page has a large number of followers from all over the world who love her. She shares photos of her everyday life with them. There’s a lot of whacky hijinks and fabulous costumes abound.

As Jill lies down for a good night’s rest, she bonds with her trusty teddy bear. The little white teddy bear fits perfectly in Jill’s loving arms. It’s so cute!

This little teddy is also Jill’s constant sleeping companion. She loves it so much that she hugs it and holds it tightly to her chest.

Not only that. Jill likes to show off her little friend for the camera. Squirrels are very intelligent animals and Jill is no exception.

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