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In The Future, There Are Plans To Create An Amazing ‘Flying Hotel’ That Can Carry Up To 5,000 Guests And Never Land. (With Video)

Find out about another creation that will surprise you in a world where new ideas are born every day with the advancement of science!

You may have heard about different types of hotels around the world. If not, you may have seen it. But do you know about the latest discovery about hotels?

It is not actually placed on the ground. It is a futuristic giant flying hotel that can carry around 5,000 passengers. Apart from this, it is equipped with basic facilities like a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

Sky Cruise’s creator, Hashem Al-Ghaili, described the plane as “the future of transportation,” explaining that traditional airlines “transport” passengers on a “sky cruise” that never touches the ground.

Amazingly, this flying hotel is powered by nuclear power through 20 nuclear fusion reactors, creating caves that can stay in the air for days or even months. Also, repairs and other maintenance work is done here even when the Sky Cruise is in the air.

Speaking to the Daily Star about the plane, Al-Ghaili, when asked how many pilots would be needed to fly Sky Cruise, replied: “With all this technology do you need pilots? I believe it will be completely autonomous.”

It will be a truly wonderful experience! The operational date of this flying hotel has not yet been announced, but get an idea of ​​what the concept will look like if it becomes a reality through the video below: YouTube

According to, Traveller365

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