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Incredible Moment Caught On Camera In The Middle Of A Safari Where A Mother Elephant Is Congratulated By Her Herd After Giving Birth! (With Video)

Motherhood is the greatest promotion a woman can receive. It is not only for man but also in the animal world. Likewise, childbirth is one of the most incredible moments a mother can experience. It is the most painful and endearing moment in the world! For human mothers it’s more of a secret, but not always for animals.

Usually the first person to greet the birth of a human child is the mother, father or hospital staff, but for wild elephants it is completely different. The whole herd is there to say hello to their newest little tribe member!

In this video, a group of lucky travelers on safari were able to witness that serendipity and share it with us. It’s wonderful! The way she receives greetings from her herd is also really amazing!

Here, a mother elephant stands out in the grassland, in the midst of giving birth in the pouring rain. The rest of her herd kept a safe distance. Maybe because even in the great outdoors, mom needs some personal space to breathe! She is successful!

The new mother wants to show off her children with pride. It looked like everyone from the baby’s grandmother to his second cousins ​​were there to celebrate! The herd of elephants soon surrounded both mother and calf and congratulated them!

But, knowing the tourists were nearby, the herd also formed a protective barrier around the vulnerable little guy.

Elephants are very sensitive and emotional creatures, and these scenes make it very clear that they are just like humans when it comes to welcoming their babies into the world! A rare sight but a very lovely one indeed!

Watch this emotional moment in the video. Don’t forget to share it with loved ones if you enjoyed it!

Video – YouTube

According to, Aubtu

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