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Little Lion Cub Goes To Dad For Comfort After Tumbling Out Of Tree, It’s So Cute Moment!

We all require solace to forget the suffering and misery we have experienced. Animals, just like people, can find themselves in precarious situations and go through trying times. In addition, they require their friends and family’s assistance and solace. The lion cub shown here is not an exception to this rule. He suffered a painful fall from a tree and required assistance from another person. And naturally, he was aware of where to look for it.

Sonia Rousseau, a wildlife photographer from France, happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch the priceless moment of a lion cub being humiliated after falling from a tree. Even though the tiny cub appeared to be in discomfort, audience members couldn’t help but giggle at his reaction and behavior. After falling from the tree, he felt ashamed of his mischievous behavior. As soon as he had his feet back on the ground, he made a beeline for his guardian father to seek solace from him.

“I’m always excited about what might happen and the morning I took this shot was very special,” the photographer said. “When we got closer to the tree we could see the small cub sitting on the tree branches. After a few seconds it was hanging off the tree by his front legs, then fell onto all fours and ran over to his dad for comfort.”

The images taken in Kenya at the Kicheche Olare Motorogi Conservancy are both humorous and heartwarming.

The photographs show that the young bear cub went up a tree to get some rest; however, he suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground below!

In the following scene, the father lion provides his young pup comfort and affection.

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