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When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit came to live within us, a change happened inside of us. Instead of living for ourselves, we strive to live for Him.
In other words, is your love offering them a rich taste of God’s incredible goodness? When they look into your eyes, do they see the face of God looking back at them with eyes of delight, with eyes that see the treasure that lies beyond their failings?
When they hear your voice, do they get a taste of Christ taking pleasure in them? How does this affect our family relationships?
As parents that follow Jesus, we have a great responsibility to point our children to Him every day. When we model Jesus’ character to our children, we are showing them that there is a God who cares for them and loves them. There is no greater joy for a parent than to see their children choose to walk with the Lord and to love others as He loves us.

We can love our kids as Christ loves us by

Speak Truth to Your Children

True biblical friends tell each other the truth, so to love your children in the way God desires you to, you must speak the truth. So when they ask hard questions, or make wrong decisions,
choose to love them biblically by sharing what God says about that.

Jesus Loves Me This I Know

It’s time that we release the power of God through the way we relate to children, so they can experience God’s love and in turn, love God back so completely and with such consuming passion that they would hate anything that comes between them and Jesus and eagerly give it up.
Apostle John put it this way, “we love, because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

Treasure Your Children

Children need to know they’re valuable to us and to the Lord. If not, they’re going to be looking for that value in all the wrong places, heaping up heartache. They may find acceptance and approval in the wrong crowd, or affection in the arms of the wrong person. Treasure your children as a blessing from the Lord, and be thankful for them.

Love your children by trusting God to complete his work in their life and yours

Your kids are still a work in progress, and so are you. Keep that in mind. When your child blows it, don’t panic. And when you blow it yourself, don’t give up. Your children have a long way to go, and so do you, but God has his ways of eventually getting you to where he wants you to be.
Don’t be too hard on your children. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t turn every problem into a unchangeable catastrophe. Don’t panic. Pray. Be patient with failings, and be grateful for every little bit of progress. We haven’t turned out yet, but by God’s grace we will. We and our children aren’t perfect, but instead of letting imperfections throw us into despair, let’s rest in a Savior who is perfect and is perfectly able to make us and our children perfect in his own good time. Let’s love our children by praying for them and trusting a loving God to complete his work in their life and in ours.

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