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Lucky To See A Rare Seal With Beautiful Stripes For The First Time!

Nature is truly amazing. It gives wonderful gifts to the world. They are different!

So this is also about a wonderful creation of nature. A striped seal was spotted in Long Beach this year. NOAA Fisheries Service is credited with finding this beautiful creature. They further stated that the animal is in very good health.

She is indeed a very rare six beautiful seal. She dives back into her world from the outside for a very short time and we don’t get to see them very often as their home is deep in the sea. These animals were found only in the Bering and Okotsk seas, located between Alaska and Russia, where they normally live.

A man who worked for the USDA Wildlife Service later told LiveScience that she was squirming, laying down and sleeping, so she was getting a little cold.

As they live in remote areas, it is quite difficult to learn more about these rare striped seals. Seals are believed to be seen more often due to global warming, but we hope they will be living in their beautiful North Pacific for a long time by then.

Such beautiful seals have never been seen before and we ask that you please take care to protect them. God bless and keep this beautiful seal…!

Protect these beautiful animals from humans!

According to, LEXNAU

(Photo right to original owner)



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