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Meet “Magic Rabbit”, A Wonderful And Rare Creature That Has Been Seen For The First Time In 20 Years!

After nearly two decades, this amazing creature was captured on camera and may be the most fascinating mammal on Earth. First discovered in 1983, this ‘magic rabbit’ is also known as Ili Pika or Ochotona iliensis.

The Ili Pika is a species of mammal in the Ochotonidae family native to northwestern China. But currently its population is decreasing. The main reason for this is the effect of climate change. There are currently less than 1,000 left.

The animal was first discovered in remote areas of northwestern China and was dubbed the “magic rabbit” by conservationist Li Weidong. Mr. Li Weidong said; “Ili Pika (Ochotona iliensis) numbers have declined by about /0% since the early 80s. Fewer than 1.000 individuals remain in the wild.”

Mr. Li Weidong told CNN: “I discovered the species, I observed how it is endangered,”

When he saw that no one was ready to help these little creatures, he decided to go it alone. In 2014, he planned to organize a team of 20 volunteers to confirm the cute animal’s numbers and thus help in the conservation of the species. But sadly, most of his savings were spent on funding research, but the authorities lost interest.

“This small species could become extinct at any time,” he said. “They are no longer in the sites where they used to be.” I am almost 60 years old and soon I will not be able to climb the Tianshan Mountains. So I really hope that an organization will study and protect the Ili pika,” added the conservationist.

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