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Meet Nigel the ‘Coendo’, the cutest creature you’ve never seen before!

Have you ever thought you would meet a prickly porcupine?

This absolutely beautiful animal “Coendou” (a member of the porcine family) is a wonderful animal that has caught people’s attention after seeing a video that shows the wonderful events that love has no boundaries. He is only 10 years old.

Some people didn’t know such a special animal could be loved so much.

“whaaaat I didn’t know I liked these things”, commented a user @AlecBaldwinTactical after seeing the video.

Its cute boop-able nose made people want big les to pet it like crazy.

@kittymom23 “I just want to hold him .. it’s cuteness overload that nose ”, He said. Compromising security quills? Yes, we saw that coming, seeing how the man manages to melt hearts!

“Omg I need to boop his nose”, says @crystalburge1. This piglet’s nose is pretty soft, but the rest of his body isn’t so soft.

Due to the ability of the creatures’ tails to grasp objects, they are sometimes called “prehensile-tailed porcupines”.

Some people who saw this video of Nigel and his carer commented and talked about how cute Nigel is. For example, @pitbullmama commented, “What a precious baby.”

One person who was asked these details even asked Nigel’s age. The owner himself told him, “Nigel is 10 years old!”

The porcupine surely is full of surprises.

According to, Kingdomstv

(Photos right to original owner)



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