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Meet The Extremely Rare Melanistic Barn Owl, Currently Only 1 In 100,000 Seen In The World!

You may see barn owls in nature, on the internet or through some social media, but these owls are quite special. This species has become one of the most loved owls in the world. Born with a heart-shaped face and large round eyes, these birds stand out wherever they go. They are very cute.

But black owls are very rare. There are currently only three of these black barn owls in the UK and they all live in sanctuaries. They can only be seen 1 in 100,000. You are lucky if you have a chance to see them in real life!

Many of us are curious about their black feathers. They look like dark knights and have a proud look compared to other owls.

The fascinating black color of these owls is due to a genetic mutation called melanism, the development of the dark pigment melanin in the skin or hair. Like many other melanistic animals, the unique plumage brings them great threat and danger. The first comes from their mothers. These black barn owls tend to be rejected and killed by their mother.

“They are a different color and in nature, and especially with barn owls, it tends to be survival of the fittest. Black barn owls tend to be smaller [than normal barn owls] and sometimes they have problems with their vision and hearing,” says Ms. Manarin, a black owl owner.

But unfortunately these owls are easily spotted and killed by predators while living in the wild.

According to, Aubtu

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