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Meet ‘The Magic Pudu’, the world’s tiniest and cutest deer!

These little animals look very cute and are about the size of a domestic dog. It is the smallest species of deer currently living in the world. Their height is only 12 to 16 inches.

Similar to their bigger deer cousins, male pudus are characterized by their antlers.

These solitary animals live in dense South American forests, and two species of Pudus live. They are known as southern Pudu and Northern Pudu. The southern pudu is native to Argentina and Chile, and the northern pudu is native to Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia.

where they develop a complex system of paths to help them navigate the forest’s undergrowth.

Pudus deer live among herbivores like most other herbivores, eating leaves, grasses, seeds and fallen fruits.

They can stand on their hind legs to reach the foliage. Unlike their larger deer relatives, these Pudus deer can even climb trees when they want to.

Pudus are wary animals and run in a zigzag pattern to avoid predators, making it difficult for larger predators to catch them.

Moreover, they are also excellent at climbing and jumping when needed.

Pudus are usually only seen together in the fall, mating before giving birth to one or two of their fawns in the spring.

These animals are currently designated as vulnerable due to many external factors such as habitat loss, diseases and parasites carried by domestic dogs.

Their lifespan is usually 8 to 10 years.

According to, Kingdomstv

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