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Meet the Tasmanian devil cubs that have reappeared in The Wild Of Australian Mainland after 3,000 years!

Tasmanian devils, the world’s largest carnivorous marsupials, are the top predators in their range. These Tasmanian devils, which had completely disappeared from the wild for more than 3,000 years, were able to be seen again on the Australian mainland.

Generally, these demons are cute in appearance and can be seen about the size of a small dog. But they are very fierce. That’s why they are called devils. Be careful. They have one of the strongest bites of all animals thanks to their powerful, muscular jaws.

The main reason for the disappearance of these Tasmanian devils was the increase in the number of their enemies, the dingo, the local wild dog. They then confined themselves to the island of Tasmania, where they have lived ever since.

But in 2020, conservation group Aussie Ark launched an ambitious plan to return these creatures to the wild on mainland Australia. For that, famous Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky were also involved in this campaign.

“There is so much at stake here. We’ve done everything we can, but if the Devils don’t breed, it’s all over,” said Tim Faulkner, president of Aussie Ark.

Twenty-six Tasmanian devils were subsequently released into the wild in late 2020. They now have cubs and have mated to produce seven new joeys. This is a good sign, and Aussie Ark says the number of new calves could rise to 20 by the end of this year, and 40 in the next two years. Currently, all those youths are in good health. They will be closely monitored by guards over the next few weeks.

The IUCN has classified this species as endangered since 2008. Their population has declined.

After releasing these creatures, they also hope to control feral cats and foxes, which threaten other endangered species on the Australian mainland.

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