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Meeting Mom for the First Time! A Baby Panda with Special Needs

Their attractiveness and playfulness have been captured on camera several times.

The panda population reportedly started to decline in the 1980s, as reported by National Geographic Channel.

By then, the Chinese government had officially proclaimed the Panda extinct.

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The difficulty they have reproducing is a major factor in their demise.

After 30 years of care for pandas and strict reproduction monitoring, Chinese officials declared in 2021 that the population had virtually doubled.

Pandas have become a global emblem of the success of conservation efforts in China.

It all begins with a mother’s love…

We saw firsthand in this video how much a mother can love her child. The mother panda was waiting for her cub inside a cage.

Young Panda had an appetite.

The newborn Panda’s mother cautiously picked her up and breastfed her to quiet her.

The mother panda in the footage appears to be grinning as she cradles her baby.

Following the initial meet and feed, the zoo fed the mother panda.

Over 12 million people have seen the touching clip.
There have been almost 12 million views of the video on Youtube.

The video touched millions of people’s hearts.

According to one of the comments, the mother is holding the infant so delicately and affectionately, like a human mother.

Fans are impressed by the zoo’s excellent care for the pandas.

No words explain how adorable it was to see this baby panda reunited with its mother. It would help if you witnessed it yourself to believe it.

Watch the adorable first meeting between this young Panda and his mother in the video below!




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