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Mother Dog digs a grave for her puppy after unsuccessful attempts to revive her!

A mother cannot express the pain of losing her child. It is such a sad thing!

This is a heartbreaking incident that happened in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China. It is a heart-wrenching moment for this mother dog to lose the puppies she gave birth to in this world very soon.

This mother dog does not seem to accept that her puppies are dead. She lies mournfully beside the shallow graves dug for the puppies and no one is allowed to bury them.

She took the puppies in her mouth and shook them several times, but the puppies never moved. However, we must realize that miracles do not happen in some cases.

Mr. Chin, the mother dog’s owner, said that the mother dog went into labor and the two puppies died in her womb shortly after, and he regretted not being able to save the two puppies.

He tries to remove the dead puppies from his mother dog’s mouth and tries to comfort her by rubbing her head. But the mother dog decided not to leave her cubs and stayed there.

Not only dogs, but all mothers around the world are heartbroken when they lose a child. Because the most difficult thing for a mother to bear is the death of her children.

If one of the many puppies dies, the mother dog puts her grief aside and focuses on caring for her other cubs. But this mother dog has lost all her puppies. It is a very tragic situation.

The loss of these puppies is very painful for the mother dog. It indicates sadness, deprivation of food and a complete loss of purpose in life.

Hopefully this sad and painful time will end soon and the mother dog will be able to get on with life…

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