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People mistake my favorite high school teacher, whom I married, for my grandmother

Because of their 25-year age difference and how they first met, Monica and Michelle Foster are creating a commotion online. Monica was a 13-year-old high school student, and Michelle was her instructor. The pair spoke candidly about the complexities of their relationship and how it has endured in spite of the harsh criticism.

From 2004 to 2020, Michelle and Monica didn’t communicate.

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In 2004, Michelle Foster taught Monica (then Ketchum), but the former pupil swears nothing ever happened between them at the time. I was a teacher’s pet; Monica revealed, “Michelle was my favorite teacher in seventh grade. “Until I reached out on Facebook 16 years later, we had no other relationship besides her being a good teacher.”

In 2004, Monica and her teacher had no more communication after the end of the academic year. The first time Monica decided to check in on her on social media was in April 2020, when she was almost 28 years old. The decision was made due to Monica’s difficult relationship with her family due to coming out as LGBT and her memory of Michelle’s class being a “safe place.”

She was astonished when her “goody-goody student” messaged the now-retired teacher so many years later. However, they struck up a conversation, and by August 2021, they had started meeting up platonically and had grown close. “At that time, we were both in really dark places,” Monica recalled. Finding someone with whom you can sympathize and share your vulnerabilities felt secure.

To be with each other, they ended their prior relationships.

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They became aware that their connection had turned into a romance by May 2022. Both of them decided to end their previous relationships in order to be with each other, and Michelle did so by filing for divorce from her former spouse. Michelle and Monica were engaged in September 2022, just a few short months after Monica proposed to her.

They had to get used to dealing with comments about their age difference.

© michelleandmonica / Instagram© michelleandmonica / Instagram

However, things were only sometimes going well in their relationship because the couple had to figure out how to handle the online trolls’ relentless attacks. Being confused for mother and daughter “several times every day,” with some people even believing Michelle is Monica’s grandmother, also proved difficult.

Michelle struggled, especially at the beginning of the relationship, whereas Monica handled it better. The age difference was fine for Monica because she has always been drawn to older individuals, but Michelle first worried about it. “I try to let it go, but it hurts — age doesn’t matter to us, so why does it matter to other people?”

‘Is that your mom?’ is a common question. ‘Is that your grandma?’ or perhaps something similar. Every single day. We learned to ignore or laugh about it, but if you saw me kissing her, why would you inquire about her parentage? I also get asked if I liked her when I was 13, and the answer is obviously no,” Monica said.

Fortunately, Michelle discovered how to let go of the animosity and continue the relationship. Michelle said, “I had to let it all go because as we got closer, I was worried about the age difference, and I was worried about how we first met.” It was evident that I had to decide for myself, and once I did, the weight of the universe lifted. It didn’t matter what anyone thought once I let go. I let go of that, and we just blossomed.”

Their nuptials took place on a “perfect day.”

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On June 17, 2023, they exchanged vows in front of family and friends in a simple ceremony. Because I am the one living my life, I don’t care what other people say. Our wedding day was very important to me.

However, that was not where the celebration of their love began. To include Zeke, 7, and Charlie, 5, Monica’s children from a previous relationship, they held a “mini wedding” two nights prior. Monica revealed that they still discuss Zeke’s rainbow bowtie and Charlie’s request to wear her wedding gown.

After getting married, Michelle has expressed a desire to “settle down” with Monica and her two kids and is “just ready to be home together” and “ready for some boring.”

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