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Poor Homeless Man Celebrates Dog’s Birthday In a Unique Way!

It was reported about a person in Colombia who didn’t even have a house to live in, who made it clear that it doesn’t cost anything to show love and kindness to people or animals.

A video celebrating one of his dogs’ birthday in a unique way with several pets has become popular and praised on the Internet and other social networks.

One night, this man put the two dogs in matching hats for a birthday party and sat on the stairs and petted them. Since no birthday party is complete without a birthday cake, he went ahead and took a small cake out of a plastic bag.

Lighting several colorful candles, the man sang “Happy Birthday” to his dogs and kissed them profusely.

He is then seen offering his dogs a piece of cake each before tasting the cake himself. “Choco” was the name of this wonderful person who celebrated dogs’ birthdays. As per the search results on Instagram, Choco, whose real name is José Luis Matos

Although Choco doesn’t have a home, this man is known for taking care of his dogs and is often spotted out and about with his adorable canine friends. Rotelo, a journalist who first posted this amazing video, said the man lives on the street in the Cabezera neighborhood of Barranquilla, Bucaramanga.

As the video became popular, many people came to him and gave him several gifts out of love and generosity.

According to search results on the Instagram social network, Choco, whose real name is José Luis Matos, originally belongs to the municipality of El Peñón. He said the special birthday party was to celebrate his dog Shaggy’s fourth birthday.

Choco has had his other dog, Nena, with him for 10 years, whose birthday is in November.

Answering people’s questions live on his Instagram account, he said that he had to leave his home and live on the street because of the physical abuse he received.

He also shared his dream with others that he is determined to pursue music and open an animal shelter.

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