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Prayers for Patience

He deals with us 24/7. I can only imagine how much I test Him weekly, daily, even hourly—yet He never wobbles under the weight. He has an endless supply of patience, and He’s willing to share
Patience can be one of the fruits of the spirit to develop, so saying a prayer for patience can give us a few moments to think before we act. Saying a prayer for the fruit of patience can help us get perspective when things are tough or we want something so badly that we make a poor decision that takes us away from God.
However, God asks us at times to take step back and wait for Him in His time. He also asks us to show others a little bit of patience and kindness .no matter how annoying they may be. Here is a simple prayer to get you started.

Here are prayers for patience

Prayer for Patience and Understanding

Dear Lord
I ask that you would give me the patience and understanding for the situations I have in front of me. My heart feels confused. I want to do the right thing and make choices that would bring You glory and honor. Open my mind and heart to Your ways and let me be guided by Your precious Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus

Prayers for Patience Give Me Strength

Dear Lord
today is rough. And I haven’t even climbed out of bed. There’s too much clouding my mind, too much to face, and I can already feel the meltdown brewing inside. I don’t have enough patience—with myself or anyone else—to make it through the morning, let alone the day
Would you meet me here and give me yours? Would you lift me up and carry me out of my room? Would you walk me through my day? Thank you for never being tired or drained. Thank you for having the power to renew my patience and my strength

Prayer for Patience in Difficult Times

Dear Lord
please give me patience in these difficult circumstances that I am currently facing! Grant me the patience to wait on You as I go through this season of waiting. Give me the grace needed not to get frustrated when I feel like things are not changing and a hope that wells up within my soul. I know You are faithful to see me through. In the name of Jesus

Prayers for Patience Teach Me to Let Go

Dear Lord
I’m stuck in a place I don’t want to be. It seems everyone else is speeding forward. It’s so hard to watch sometimes. What if my life always looks and feels this way? Things have to change. I must move on. I need something new right now.
But that’s not your way. You want me to grow when I want to run away. Soothe my anxiety. Take away my desperation. Stretch my perseverance. Thank you for knowing what’s best for me. Thank you for helping me let go and giving me the patience to wait on your timing not mine

Prayer for Patience Waiting on the Desire of my Heart

Dear Lord
give me the patience I need to wait for the desires of my heart. Help me to know that everything happens for a reason and I will get what I need in the end. Help me to be patient with myself and those around me. I know things will get better, thank you for blessing my life! In the name of Jesus

Prayers for Patience Teach Me to be Like You

Dear Lord
I’m human—which often makes me oblivious to what’s around me. I’m in so much of a hurry to get my own stuff done, I forget to stop and notice what’s going on with everyone else.
Remind me that I need my family and friends, and they need me. Thank you for knowing we weren’t meant to walk through life alone and for giving us the opportunity be Jesus to each other. Thank you for helping me shine for you



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