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Prayers for Your Baby

One of the most frightening aspects of being a parent is the fear of how that innocent baby will “turn out.” Will they make wise choices? Will they choose to follow the teachings of Jesus? Will I make the same mistakes my parents made? The Bible provides this comfort
Babies are a miraculous gift from God, and we are encouraged throughout Scripture to watch over them and keep them safe. Mostly we are to surrender them to the Lord for His perfect care. A prayer for your baby or a loved one’s baby blesses the baby and the baby’s family (and you too)

Prayers for the Baby’s Protection

Dear Lord
You are a good God, and You are holy. I praise You as I ask for You to protect my baby as he gets his first immunization shots. Please protect him from any adverse reactions and let this shot do the intended work Amen.

Dear Lord
Father, it’s a long night to bear as my husband works the third shift. I pray You will protect my baby and me from any harm Amen.

Dear Lord
God, we need You to protect us from anything that may harm our baby. Protect us from predators and from anyone who may try to get to him through us Amen.

Dear Lord
Jesus, we stand at a crossroads. Please protect us and our baby. Protect him from wrong decisions as he grows and protect him from lying lips and evildoers Amen.

Dear Lord
protect my baby from anything that might creep into his mind. Protect him from nightmares and bad images as he sleeps. And protect him from the devil’s ploys to keep him from You Amen.

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Prayers For A Newborn Baby

Dear Lord
You are the reason this baby exists. Thank you for providing life to this child and the opportunity to live in freedom because of Your sacrifice 2,000 years ago. I owe everything to You and I am so utterly thankful for Your presence, power, and love in my life. May this baby know deeply this love You offer. Amen.

Dear Lord
the helplessness of a baby is astonishing! The responsibility of caring for their every need is so great and I don’t want to miss anything. Help me, God, to remain vigilant as a parent and to fight through the tiredness and stress to give this baby the best I can. Amen

Dear Lord
thank you so much for this new life. When I look at this baby I see You. You are radiating out of this child and it is astonishing to witness, I am so lucky to be part of this miracle. Thank you for this blessing. Amen.

Dear Lord
I can’t believe this baby is here! I truly cannot believe it. You are so good to me, and I am so very thankful. I hold a tremendous responsibility, this baby’s life is in my hands, my care. Help me to always have Your wisdom and love so that this child is brought up in Your Fruit. Lord, this baby is so special, thank you for this life! Amen. 

Dear Lord
my life has changed because of this baby and I thank you. My future is altered and has more purpose because of this child and I praise you. I have new dreams and expectations because of the life you’ve brought into the world and I worship you for it. Amen.

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Prayers for the Baby’s Faith

Dear Lord
when my faith is weak, You show me a better way. You show me my faith is never in vain as I ask You to watch over my baby Amen.

Dear Lord
my faith in You sometimes wavers, yet You never fail. I thank You that the mother of this baby decided life is a gift from you. Please bless her and the baby with a strong testimony of faith Amen.

Dear Lord
I look at this newborn baby through the glass in the NICU, I bow before You in complete faith. You hold us, and You hold this baby in Your grasp. I have faith that no matter what happens here, You have him! Amen

Dear Lord
Faithful Lord Jesus, thank You that we can trust You. My faith is in You to care for my baby. I pray his faith grows to be wholly in You Amen.

Dear Lord
I need faith to know You have the best plans for my baby. You are the One who directs our steps. As my faith grows, I ask You to grow my baby’s faith Amen.

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