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Sir Anthony Hopkins, finally makes the ‘Loneliest Dog In The World’ a movie star! (With Video)

Freya, who was the loneliest dog in the world because of Sir Anthony Hopkins, has now become a movie star. Six years later, according to a report on TMZ last Tuesday, Freya has finally decided to be adopted from the Freshfields Animal Rescue Center in the U.K.

The six-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier was named as a stray and, according to a report in The Mirror in May, she has been ‘rejected more than 18,000 times.

After seeing the British news, Hollywood film producer Mr. Michael Bay (51) has promised to come to Freya’s rescue.

The ‘loneliest dog in the world’, Freya, has been chosen to star in a Hollywood blockbuster with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

This choice was a huge change in the puppy’s life and turned her world upside down.After that choice she was invited to some A-listers and glamorous photoshoots.which helped her find a loving forever home.

Freya the pooch spent the first 6 years of her life in a shelter and was rejected more than 18,720 times, earning her the nickname “The Loneliest Dog in the World”.

When veteran movie director Michael Bay read an article about Freya Porch, he decided to cast Porch in the Transformers 5 movie!

Video – YouTube

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