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Strong Prayers for the End of the Day

Each new day God gives us is a blessing, and we should take time at the end of each day to spend time with God in prayer. Here are the strongest prayers for the end of the day.

A Prayer of Reflection
Dear Lord

I give You unending thanks, for You have brought me once again to the end of another day. I am grateful that I have seen yet another day pass, and You have kept me and blessed me from sunrise to sunset. Continue to bless me during the night and continue to guide my steps each day of my life. In Jesus’ powerful name Amen.

Rest from Worry

Dear Lord

please cleanse my thoughts of anger and worry. I know that worry is not your will for me. Please provide for all my needs as you promise in your word. I give to you all my fears, cares and troubles, as you have told me to do. Bring peace and comfort to my heart and help me to rest in you and have peace. Forgive me of any sins I have committed today and fill my heart with your love Amen.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving
Dear Lord

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the things You have blessed me with. I know I am not worthy of the grace You have given me. I have sinned much, yet You do not turn Your face away from me. Lord, do not withdraw Your presence from me. Give me a gracious heart and spirit. Allow me to reflect upon this day with thankfulness. Lord, in Your abundant mercy Amen.

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A Prayer of Relief from Fear

Dear Lord

Thank you for being my Shepherd and providing everything I need. You walk with me through everything I face, including the hardest, most frightening times and I thank you for not making me go through them alone. Thank you that Goodness and Mercy go with me and that nothing I encounter will take you by surprise or be too hard for you.
I know that fear does not come from you, so I give you my fear about __ and ask you to replace it with a sound, settled mind. Prince of Peace, please fill me with your peace and help me to quiet my mind and fill it with thoughts of you and your word. In the name of Jesus, my defender and strength, Amen.

A prayer of Strength

Dear Lord

I am weak right now. There is so much going on in my life physically and emotionally that I am at my breaking point! I need Your strength to make it through these times. Father, I pray that tonight while I sleep You will refresh my mind and strength for tomorrow morning. Lord, I pray that You will watch over me as I sleep and bring pleasant thoughts into my mind as I dream away. Thank You for loving me, Lord! Amen.

As the Night Sets in Prayer

Dear Lord

You make the sun rise and fall each day of our lives. We can trust in Your goodness, just as we can trust that the sun will rise again in the morning. Lord, as the light descends beyond the horizon, let us remember that You are the light of the world. Let us be assured that the sun will come up tomorrow and drive away all darkness. Prepare our hearts to enter Your unapproachable and all-inviting light. In Your name, we pray. Amen.

Peace and comfort

Dear Lord

I need your presence. Please come and fill me with your spirit, and remove all troubling thoughts and fears. Comfort and guide me as I sleep and protect me from all evil. Help me to seek you and follow you all the days of my life, and keep me from sin. Protect me and my loved ones from harm and help us to know and love you. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you are looking for a prayer for the end of the day, you can use one of these prayers, or all of them! No matter what, it is amazing that you are choosing to end your day with





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