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Stunning Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered by Uruguayan Miners

There are thousands of beautiful heart-shaped gemstones that have been created to give to lovers on Valentine’s Day, but this stunning amethyst crystal found in a mine in Uruguay required no carving or polishing.

When the miners broke it open, they found an extraordinary heart that had already been prepared by Mother Earth.

Marcos Lorenzelli-Uruguay Minerals Workers discovered the amazing quartz geometries on the border of Uruguay and Brazil when they split the rock to find a beautiful purple heart on either side.

Basalt is a land with rough terrain, and there were some difficult working conditions. So, Uruguay Minerals had begun drilling at the Santa Rosa mine in the Catalan region of Artigas, where they did not believe they would find anything of value. But their struggle was rewarded with a ‘pearl of great price’.

Uruguay Minerals’ Marcos Lorenzelli was overjoyed, saying it was the first time the company had found such a once-in-a-lifetime gem.

They regarded it as a precious treasure. Marcos Lorenzelli – Uruguay Minerals Lorenzelli told GNN that they have already received a bid of $120,000 for the pair of gemstones.

Because of the basalt, Lorenzelli is estimated to weigh over 150 pounds (80 kg). Marcos Lorenzelli – Uruguay Minerals you can contact them with your own bid through their website and find small hearts and angel wings designed by their team to fit the small budget looking for the stone found in February.

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