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Tattoo, the Appaloosa horse with a unique ‘leopard spotted’ coat, will astound you!

Even the most common animal can stun us with its extraordinary beauty every time we see it. Here’s the horse that’ll make you question your vision—meet Tattoo!

Tattoo, an appaloosa horse, is eye-catching thanks to his brilliant mane and tail. His skin has leopard-like spotty patterns. When people first look at him, they can’t help but be captivated by his stunning good looks.

Tattoo’s owner, Branigan, recalled seeing this adorable equine for the first time during her internship at a breeder ranch during her sophomore year of college. There, she acquired the skills necessary to care for pregnant mares, and by some stroke of luck, she also met Tattoo.

“Tattoo came into this world on May 18, and his mama gave birth to him early in the morning,” she remembers. “I met baby Tattoo when he was only one hour old, soaking wet and learning to stand.”

Since “the sight of him literally throws my heart into drumming, ever since I met him,” Branigan’s mother gave the horse the name “Tattoo,” which means “a rhythmic tapping or drumming.”

“I was in the stall, holding Tattoo in my lap, crying my eyes out,” Branigan says. “I was madly in love at first sight. They both said, ‘Oh, no…’ We all knew that raising and training my own horse was my dream, but this foal was not mine, but deep in my heart I knew that I wanted him to be.”

Branigan and Tattoo became fast friends and were regularly spotted sharing affection. When Branigan was three weeks old, the tattoo artist haltered Tattoo- placing him by wrapping the strap around his neck.

Six months in, though, Branigan had a stunning realization that her companion had been sold. She realized she only had two months left with her best friend, so she felt a crushing sense of shock and sadness.

A portrait of Tattoo was a Christmas gift that lifted her spirits significantly. She bawled before seeing the words “transfer of ownership” printed below the photo. The Tattoo was a special gift from her parents on this special day. Branigan was ecstatic when she realized she would no longer have to worry about having fun while riding her horse.

There appear to be many more “first” for Branigan to experience with Tattoo. In the present, the stunning steed is living it up with his devoted owner, and they both delight in exploring new experiences together.

Is there anything you don’t like about Tattoo’s coat? When was the last time you gifted a pet to someone? What was it like to go through those situations? If you have any, please share them with us in the comments section, and if you liked this article, be sure to subscribe to our site for more great content!

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