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The Amazing Octopus That Jumped Out Of The Aquarium And Into The Sea Through A 160-Foot Drainage Pipe!

Living freely is the right of not only humans but animals too!

This octopus, named Inky, jumped out of his tank, slid across an aquarium and down a narrow drain pipe into the ocean. An octopus escaping from an aquarium back into the ocean is an incredible event!

But the octopus, determined to find his way to freedom, has attempted this wonderful action in the middle of the night at the National Aquarium of New Zealand. It was successful. It happened because a worker left the lid of the octopus’s tank slightly loose.

Crews believe Inky climbed to the top of his glass enclosure, slid down the side of the tank, and went through the 8-foot floor into a drain pipe leading to the ocean.

This boneless cephalopod had a head the size of a soccer ball and was more than 160 feet in diameter. Pipe less than 6 inches will have to be squeezed to pass through it. “Octopus are fantastic escape artists, ”Alix Harvey, an aquarist at the Marine Biological Association in England, told The New York Times Source. “They are programmed to hunt prey at night and have a natural inclination to move around at night.”

“They have a complex brain, have excellent eyesight, and research suggests they have an ability to learn and form mental maps.” Octopus’ soft bodies make them fit into extremely small spaces.

According to, Nature Knows

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