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The cute Baby Fox, which was found crying and scared alone, was rescued and reunited with its mom

Thanks to the Animal Welfare League of the Arlington, a small baby fox was lucky to be together with his mother.The organization said on Facebook and Instagram that a homeowner in Arlington suddenly heard an animal crying from his yard.While following the sound, he was able to see how a baby fox was crying sadly.He looked around but could not see the cub’s mother, so he realized that the cub was alone.

Luckily the home owner knew what to do at that moment. He immediately contacted the AWLA. Two rescuers responded to the call and were relieved that the fox was in a stable condition. The post shared: “When Sgt. Ballena and Officer Elpers arrived at the house, they checked the baby, and thankfully he was alert, hydrated, and had a full belly.”

Due to the state of the cub at that moment, the rescue team suspected that the mother of the cub was somewhere nearby.They didn’t want to move the cub from that spot and realized it risked separating the cub from the mother. So instead they put the calf in a basket that it couldn’t climb out of. They arranged for the basket to be placed in a safe place in the garden so that the cub would have plenty of room.They did this to give the mother fox plenty of time to find the cub before the little cub wandered off.

“The homeowner kept an eye on him the rest of the day, and we are happy to report that by the next morning, the mother had safely retrieved her baby!” they said. We rejoice in the success of salvation. The little fox cub was reunited with its mother without any trouble, thanks in particular to the prompt action of the home owner by calling the appropriate organizer.

As a reminder, if you find an abandoned baby animal or an animal in need, it’s important to give the animal plenty of space and call trained rescue professionals to ensure the best outcome possible.

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