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The emotional moment when the stubborn wild horse came to say his last goodbye to his owner!

Humans and animals have a unique bond that is priceless! Whether a wild animal or a pet, loving them is very special and valuable.

This shows the wonderful bond between man and horse. Major, the horse in this story, is an untamed fierce horse who was later tamed by his owner.

Janna Grapperhause’s father rescued the horse from its former owner. The previous owner whipped Major and tied him to a stake for four weeks without food or water.

The reason for this is that the Major is a proud horse that never submits to the whip and bows to no one.

When Major was brought to Janna’s house, he bit people, and within minutes of his arrival he went through the fence of their house. Because of Major’s stubborn behavior, Janna’s father was determined to win the horse’s trust.

Janna’s mother opposed Major’s arrival, believing the horse to be a danger to her and naming the horse ‘Big Deal’.

It took him two years to win the horse’s trust, and finally he was even allowed to walk on the horse.

At the end of all this, the wayward horse was tamed, and a wonderful bond of love arose between them. Even as Janna’s father leaves the house, Major kisses his head as an act of loving farewell.

After some time, Janna’s father became seriously ill. Unfortunately he passed away recently. Everyone was saddened by his death, and the Major also came to greet and bid farewell to his beloved human father.

The time they spent together was not long, but that time was spent in a most loving and precious way.

Animals can show a lot of emotion and love towards people.

They have very sensitive feelings and always remember how people treat them, and animals give people unconditional love!

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