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It is helpful then for us to consider, or reconsider, the goodness of God in all that he does—including giving us the law—and how we are to use the good law God has given us lawfully. More than just a list of do’s and don’ts, Jesus later summarizes all the law in terms of love. So, we might well approach each commandment as an answer to this question first and foremost: how can I better love God and love my neighbor?

The Law Is Good for Unbelievers

It is the goodness of God to forbid all of us from sin. It is the goodness of God also to describe sin—and goodness!—for us in His moral law, so that we might know it when we see it, and keep from the one and pursue the other with all our might.

The law God has given us in His Word is good, even for non-Christians, because it restrains the wicked: “Understanding this, that the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane…” (1 Timothy 1:9).

The Law Reveals Both God and Our Sin

I would not know these things without the Law, and I cherish the ability to read it and meditate on it. God’s goal for us is to be “conformed to the image of His Son” (Rom. 8:29), who is “the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature” (Heb. 1:3), and we learn much about His image from the heart of God revealed in the Law. Therefore, knowledge of the Law is both crucial and rewarding. It’s not the Law that’s the problem in Romans 7; it’s our sin that’s the problem. The Law, in its goodness, reveals the depth of our sin by bringing that sin to the surface.

The Law Is Good for Believers

When you think of the call of the Christian message, what would you describe it as a call to? To holiness? Kindness? Forgiveness? Less flatteringly, to strictness? Boredom? Hypocrisy? Certainly, the pop-culture portrayal of Christianity is that it is bondage, a call that will just cramp your style.

Many Christians, sadly, have bought into—even perpetuated—this portrayal of religious bondage. But shouldn’t it be instructive to us that our society, which totes personal freedom and choice as the greatest good, is itself given so deeply to so many addictions and wrestles so constantly with dissatisfaction, insecurity,

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