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The loving moment when the elephants who lived apart for 12 years reunited!

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on God’s great earth and they never forget anything.

The zoo is having a very emotional moment right now. The reunion of three generations of elephants, separated from each other for 12 years, was a series of events full of pure love. Even though they are separated from each other, that love is alive in their hearts.

The three generations of elephants include 39-year-old grandmother Pori, 19-year-old daughter Tana, and 4-year-old and 1-year-old granddaughters Tamika and Elani.

This elephant mother and daughter were separated from each other 12 years ago. Even though they met after 12 years, it didn’t take long for them to recognize each other, and the two of them started touching each other’s trunks to express their joy of meeting.

It didn’t take long for the baby elephants to recognize their grandmother. It was a very loving moment. This shows that love never fades.

When Tana introduced her grandmother to her children, she was very happy and the grandmother extended her trunk to her grandchildren to show them her love.

The feeling of returning one’s loved ones is very romantic and emotional. There is no difference between humans and animals. Animals also show their feelings in their own way.

These animals are one of the most beautiful animals in the world and we can’t imagine how they have been so happy apart from each other for so many years.

Finally they started living together again. They will be forever now. It’s like a picture regaining the missing pieces when they were apart before. Now they are all together. The incomplete picture is complete now.

According to, Lexnau

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