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The Loyal Dog Who Sacrificed The Life To Save His Family From A Poisonous Rattlesnake

We often hear stories of people being rescued by their best friends, dogs, when they are in danger. But this is quite different. According to NEWSLETTERS,This is about a Doberman dog. They are truly loyal dogs, and this is a case in point. Dibakar Raita’s dog gave up his life to save his family’s life. This was to save his owner and family from poisonous mountain snakes.

The Doberman and Dad were playing in the yard when the dog suddenly started growling. At once he sprang to his feet. As all this happened so suddenly, Dad fell to the ground wondering what was going on. He was moaning and seemed to be struggling with something. He saw it as a rope, but it was a rattlesnake.

This Doberman dog, who saved eight members of his master’s family, finally sacrificed his life. He fought with snake for several hours, but the dog died due to the venom of the snake’s repeated bites.

Dogs are very affectionate animals to their masters. Instead of helping themselves, they expect only love. This is also a report of such a brave and loving Doberman dog. He is truly a heroic dog friend.

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