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The male lion cares for his sick partner until the last moment without leaving him alone!

We have heard thousands of videos and stories about the strong bonds between parents and children, both in humans and in other species. However, apart from parental or friendship bonds, the close relationship between husband and wife in some animals also surprises us. By the end of this story, you will understand well that such bonds exist between humans and animals.

The love and care of a lion husband will surely melt your heart.

Leo and Muñeca are an adorable lion couple rescued from a circus in Peru in 2014 by Animal Defenders International (ADI). They had been together all their lives and were only barely separated for a short time during the deliverance.

“Leo and their sons, Chino, Coco, and Rolex, were successfully removed during a raid on the first day of the mission in August 2014, but the circus blocked the seizure partway through and then went into hiding,” Jan Creamer, president of ADI, shared. “ADI caught up with them six months later and over 600 miles away, saving Muñeca and their daughters, Africa and Kiara … They were almost always together, exploring their 4-acre habitat and resting together under the trees.”

This lion couple showed a lot of love for each other. Leo, the male lion, always took care of his wife. But unfortunately she fell ill in August. So Leo became more protective for her. He was by her side almost every moment and tried to cheer her up. Made sure never to leave her alone.

“Leo has always watched over Muñeca, but when she became unwell, he clearly realized something was wrong,” Creamer said. “He was seen trying to encourage her to eat her food, and appeared to comfort her.”

Leo stood aside and watched his sick wife. Once he consoled her and professed his love by cuddling with her. Anyone who saw this pair could not help but sympathize with these beautiful animals. It really is so cute!

“We have seen the closeness between lion companions and the bonds they share on many occasions,” Creamer remembered.

But unfortunately, she breathed her last in September! That was when she was 19 years old. Her husband was with her till the last moment telling her how much he loved her. There is no doubt that he is truly a loving husband.

Leo has been devastated by his partner’s death ever since. Deacons help him recover by giving him extra treats and care.

We hope he gets his spirit back soon!

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