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The moment the world’s largest sea turtle came ashore

According to SONYAZ, This is about the beaching of the world’s largest sea turtle.A majestic leatherback turtle came out of the water to rest on the beach.You can watch its video at the end of the article. A tourist first captured the video of the turtle. Several independent outlets reported it, but the press seems to have forgotten about it.

Tourists were amazed to see the giant turtle using its flippers to crawl across the beach before returning to its home, the ocean.This is because it is a very rare sight.After several unsuccessful attempts to get back into the water, she finally succeeded and made her way to the waves.

During their nesting season, turtles come ashore to dig a nest and return to the sea to lay their eggs safely near water.After hatching from the eggs, they also go to the sea and start life.What is special is that it takes 15 to 20 years for a baby turtle to reach adulthood.Right now, it can be speculated that there are centuries old turtles on this planet.

Let’s all do our part to keep not just the leatherback sea turtles alive, but all endangered or threatened animals alive and with us as long as possible.

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