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The polar bear is very attached to her human father, and they love each other unconditionally! (With Video)

There are many connections between animals and humans. Relationships between domestic animals such as cats or dogs and humans are common. But could there be a bond between a polar bear and a human? He is also the only human to have this kind of relationship with a polar bear.

Fully grown male polar bears weigh about 1,500 pounds and female polar bears weigh about 1,000 pounds. They are not animals that you can keep in your garden or house.

But Mark Dumas and Agee the polar bear have a close relationship that is unique. Their relationship started 18 years ago.

Dumas, an animal trainer for the movies, is tasked with finding a polar bear for a movie. Meanwhile, he heard about an eight-week-old polar bear being raised in a zoo. The mother of this calf had given birth to 10 calves before, so she was unable to take care of this calf properly.

It was for this reason that Dumas undertook to take care of Agee. She was also successfully trained for the film. No one believed in their close bond with each other. It is an unusual one. He is the only person in the world who has such a relationship with a polar bear.

“It’s my job, it’s what I have to do, and then when I do it, I’m very attached to her,” Dumas told Animal Planet.

“I love her a lot. I can’t say she loves me, but she really is bonded to me,” he shared.

Dumas’ wife, Dawn, told Animal Planet that Agee loves him too. They added that Agee can become aggressive when people start taking Dumas’ attention away from Agee. But not so with Dawn.

During the interview, they showed how close they are to each other and how much they care for each other. Dumas said he never felt unsafe around Agee.

“Agee sees him as her mother and father together, really. And companion.” Dawn said, talking about her husband’s special bond with Agee. Agee makes a cat-scratching sound while with Dumas. That’s because he gets satisfaction then, Dawn said.

Dumas and Agee have an unbreakable bond. In fact, he raised and cared for her since she was a cub. And this makes them part of each other’s family!

Video – YouTube

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