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The Promise of the Father

If someone had asked me, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” I would have answered, “It’s the Spirit of God.” I don’t think I am alone either. I mean, after all, the Greek word used for “Spirit” in the New Testament, pneuma, means “breath, wind, or spirit.”

we are able to see two things for certain. First, minutes before Jesus ascended, The Promise of the Father had not yet been sent – for He was at that time promising to send it.
There is no confusion or uncertainty here. Jesus was standing on the Mount of Olives, after His death and resurrection, and only minutes before His ascension. He said The Promise of the Father was TO BE given. Thus, according to Jesus, “The Promise of the Father,” was, at this point in time, NOT YET GIVEN. Sure. On this occasion, He said, “I WILL send the Promise of the Father….so wait in Jerusalem UNTIL I DO.”

The second thing we are able to prove from our verse is that The Promise of the Father WAS sent in Acts 2. It is clear that what the disciples received in Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit came upon them, was The Promise of the Father. Acts 2 ended the ten days they had tarried, in obedience to this instruction from Jesus, and was the day they were, “endued with power from on high.”


It is essential for Christians to understand that IN CHRIST – who is The Promise of the Father given to us through the Holy Spirit – that IN CHRIST we do receive ALL things. We don’t receive SOME things. No. In Christ we receive all things, for when we receive Him, we receive the ONE and ONLY Promise of the Father.


They had to wait for God’s time, in accordance with (Leviticus 23:15-17). No doubt the waiting time was a time of heart-searching and of earnest prayer (Luke 11:13) but in God’s calendar Pentecost had to come fifty days after the resurrection of Christ. They had to wait, in fulfilment of the Lord ‘s promise.

All of this is part of The Promise of the Father – Jesus Christ. That through CHRIST IN US we might become formed together with Him and become witnesses unto Christ to God’s glory

Will Be in You

Jesus said the Holy Spirit not only had been with them but also would be in them. If you think my face was astonished as I learned the Holy Spirit is a person, imagine the faces of Jesus’ friends as He explained to them that the same Spirit who moved through Him would be in them. Can you picture those glances darting around to one another? Did He just say the Spirit would be in us?
But Jesus’ foretelling of the Holy Spirit is not the only time the Spirit’s personhood was revealed.

We DO have to wait for the Holy Spirit to empower us for special service. We do not wait for Him but on Him, in order that He may fill us with His power and make our service for Him effective (1 Corinthians 2:4)




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