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The rare and endangered ‘Okapi’ was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo!

These okapi animals are also known as forest giraffe, Congo giraffe or zebra giraffe. They are found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in northeast central Africa and are an arodactyl mammal.

The Oklahoma City Zoo announced the birth of this rare, endangered okapi cub. You probably haven’t seen a calf as unique as this one! This is exciting and unexpected news!

The male calf was the first to be born to Kayin, 6, and Bosomi, 4, and the seventh okapi calf was born at the Zoo. Kayin, the most recent okapi born at OKC Zoo, was born in 2015.

Okapi’s mother, Kayin, loves the calf very much. She never takes her eyes off her newborn baby. Her new cub is growing healthy and strong and is really adorable! The cub looks exactly like its mother with its cute innocent face and signature striped thighs!

The health of the calf was checked by the zoo’s veterinary care team. They said the calf was close to 57 pounds and they checked its overall body condition. The calf is fat and healthy!

There has been considerable debate over whether these wild animals should be kept in captivity. However, it can be useful for rare and endangered animals such as okapi.

If only he could be in the wild with his kind! Don’t forget to share this with your friends if you love this cute baby too.

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