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The ‘Six-Legged Bird’ Who Is Dedicated To Protecting His Baby Chicks From Danger Is Truly A Great Father!

We always hear and see about dear mothers and their love. But something that can be equaled is fatherly love and their care! It is the same not only for man but also in the animal world.

So a photographer has captured the amazing moment of such a wonderful father bird wrapping its young under its feathers to protect its young from predators. He caught it on camera in the Kruger National Park in Jose Fragoso, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The photos show a fluffy African Jacana with only its legs dangling from its feathers as it carries its young to safety after sensing danger.

“In the first photograph, the African Jacana and his three babies frolic on water lily leaves,” Jose explained.

The scene is instantly hilarious, but really, how adorable is it?

The bird looks huge as its chicks nestle between its feathers, but the little ones can be seen clinging to their father, their legs barely dangling from the water. The chicks are well protected as they sink under his feathers, and their predators cannot detect them.

It’s so cool and something I’ve never seen before! So if you also enjoyed this then don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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