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This Man Dedicates His Life To Sheltering Old Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes

When you lose a beloved pet, it can be a painful and heartbreaking experience that will never heal. The only thing anyone can do to relieve that pain is to take that lack away from another pet. That’s what happened to Steve Grieg after his dog passed out.

It had been several months since his pet dog had been separated from him, but he was still heartbroken and felt he would never recover from the loss.

He wanted to open his heart to another dog. But for that he needed to bring a suitable dog to life.

He went to his local shelter to find the “most unadoptable” senior dog they had.He already had ten shelter dogs, so it was difficult to get them all home.

He even has an Instagram full of pictures of them and tens of thousands of followers who love to see the antics of the pets with him every day.

Moreover, he takes special care of them. It’s a big job, and he has to wake up at five in the morning to prepare breakfast for all his puppies.

Another thing, they also have a special diet to provide, so it’s a lot more work than you might think.

After feeding he lets them all walk to the park, visit the vet and spend the rest of their day getting the hugs and cuddles they deserve.

Having these senior dogs is quite easy for Steve. Because they don’t have to be trained or caged or retaught new tricks or obedience.

After he sits down after a long hard day, he always has several dogs attached to his legs, wanting to thank him for taking care of them.

These dogs are not the only ones receiving his love and care.

He also has a pet pig named Bikini, two ducks, pigeons, chickens and several cats. He actually has an animal farm.

Although he doesn’t have room to take in any more senior dogs, he plans to expand in the future so that a shelter dog is never neglected.

(According to, Nature Knows)

(Photo credit goes to – Instagram/Steve Greig)



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