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Unable to save just one neglected dog, she ends up buying out the entire shelter!

After Danielle Eden visited a dog shelter in Israel, she never thought she’d be back with 250 dogs there. But when she saw the pitiable condition of these dogs, she could not avoid them.

She loved animals and could not ignore them. So she decided to save them.

Danielle Eden and her husband Rob Scheinberg established their own dog shelter in Ontario, Canada in 2014 called Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary.

The couple hails from Israel. The two of them travel the world looking for needy, old, sick and disabled dogs and adopting them. Because of this, she was in a very sad state when she saw these dogs, who had faced a terrible situation.

When she arrived at this Israeli shelter, she was saddened by what she saw. Eden told The Dodo website that “Dogs were literally fighting over a loaf of bread. There were more rats than dogs.”

Clare Forndran, who works with Danielle Eden at her rescue sanctuary in Canada, added: “This is the worst shelter she had ever seen.”

Danielle Eden was shocked by what she saw and there was no way she could save just a few dogs. She wanted to save all those dogs. So she decided buying the whole place.

She saved all the animals who were barely saving their lives there. Thanks to her wonderful heart, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary has adopted 25 dogs in Canada after two months.

Another 90 dogs rescued from that shelter have been taken to shelters in Israel. Another 150 dogs are currently receiving medical treatment at a shelter in Israel. There they are treated by a team of trusted vets and volunteers brought by Daniel.

When the dogs treated here are able to walk and walk, they will be taken to the Ontario Dog Rescue Sanctuary, where they will be cared for by their rescuer, Eden.

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