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What Are the Basic Beliefs of Christianity

When I was growing up in church around the age of thirteen, we were required to take a course in doctrine. The goal was to help you become aware of what you believe. As I have gotten older, I am amazed at how I have never forgotten what I learned in those classes as a teenager. If I learned anything in those classes, it is the importance of knowing what are the basic beliefs of Christianity. While I can’t focus on all of the basic beliefs and do them any justice in one article, You might be surprised to know that there are some things Christians don’t agree on. Usually, those things are not considered a core or basic belief of Christianity and, therefore, I won’t address those. The ones I will talk about are fundamental to the faith and I would say you can’t be a Christian if you don’t hold to these basic beliefs. If you ever wanted to know what the basic beliefs of Christianity are, keep reading to find out.

What Are the Core Beliefs of Christianity

The whole narrative of the Bible is centered around the relationship that God has with humanity, beginning with Genesis, culminating in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and ending with a glimpse into eternity. This relationship is the center of the Christian faith. While there are some things people will not know until all things have come to an end, there is enough information in the Bible to understand who God is, where the world came from, why there is a separation between God and man, and how to restore that relationship.

Who Is God?

God, as presented in the Bible is an omnipotent, omnipresent being who is outside of the human understanding of time. He has always existed. He exists in a Triune state, both three persons and one simultaneously as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He is perfect in His character, loving, just, and holy.

Christianity Beliefs: Jesus Is the Only Hope for Salvation

This belief is clear and straightforward. There is no other way of redemption, no other way of salvation, and no other way for relationship with the Father except through Jesus Christ. Recognizing your need for a savior is paramount to Christian belief. Once you come to that conclusion then you need to recognize Jesus as the one who is the Savior that you need. The hope of salvation in Jesus Christ alone is fundamental to the basic beliefs in Christianity. As many pastors have stood and declared in pulpits, salvation comes by putting your faith alone in the finished work of Christ alone. There is no other way.

The Deity of Christ

Essential to what are the basic beliefs in Christianity is that Jesus Christ was God in human form. In case you are wondering that’s what deity is. It is the divine nature of Jesus Christ. He was fully God and fully man when he walked this earth. This was not just what the writers wrote but it is what Jesus proclaimed himself. The reason this is so important is that this brings the character of Jesus into question. Jesus was either God in flesh who came to redeem mankind, or he was a liar who deceived many. There is no middle ground. The entire foundation of Christianity is built around the person of Jesus Christ. If you don’t see Jesus as God, then he can’t be the Messiah because that would nullify the claims of deity he made about himself. Therefore, if your understanding of Jesus is wrong then your understanding of Christianity will be wrong as well.

The Return of Jesus and the Hope of Eternal Life

As Christians, we believe Jesus is coming again. He will make a bodily return to the earth and establish his rule and reign in the earth. The ultimate hope of our faith is that we will spend eternity with Jesus. This is the reward we look forward to. It is this hope that allows you to endure hardship, persecution, and trials of every kind because you know there is an eternal reward waiting for you. Without this hope then as the Apostle Paul said we are to be pitied above all men.



  1. I want to say something: That if You say That people dont understand christianity, if they dont reconice Jesus as God. He didnt say it once that He was God! And.these tings Will.automatecully become anger in those belive Jesus Are not God. He was born and He had a normal life before He began to theach. When becom Jesus God??? When He was 30 years old or when He was.born? I Am certain in My blive that Jesus Are not God, and that is no good to preclame that a group of human, simply are not true chistian, because that You proclame and have the.autority to do so!


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