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What Was Jesus’ First Miracle

What Was Jesus’ First Miracle One of the best ways to get to know the Lord Jesus is to study His actions, to see when He acted and when He spoke. Seeing how He responded to others, as well as when He chose to walk away reveals much about His character, which believers are called to emulate.

(John 2:1-12) presents to us the first of many miracles the Lord Jesus did while He was about His earthly ministry. This event in history teaches so many things to us, things that if we apply to our own lives, we would benefit so much from. Here are a few things we can learn from Jesus’ first miracle,
Let’s talk about them and see how we can apply them into our lives.

Jesus was invited

The very first thing we would notice in this passage is why the Lord Jesus was there. In (John 2:2) we read,
“Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding.”
Here’s the important thing here: Jesus was invited. The very first miracle that He did, He did because He was invited into the lives of the people who benefited from it: the couple who were being wed.

Friends, if we need a miracle from the Lord, we will need to call on Him. We will need to invite Him. We can’t expect Him to make a miracle that we will notice if we won’t even give Him room in our lives

Celebrating a wedding

Christ and at least five of his disciples soon travel to Cana to attend a wedding ceremony and the celebration that follows (John 2:1 – 2). What occurs during the celebration in Cana will be the catalyst for Jesus’ first public miracle!

While Jesus enjoyed the wedding party in Cana, the wine served to guests runs out. He is informed of this situation by his mother Mary, who gently presses him to do something about it. He initially seems to reject her appeal because his time to reveal himself has not yet arrived (John 2:4).

Jesus then, however, tells servants to fill six large stone vessels (used for Jewish purification purposes) with water. This is in preparation for his first recorded miracle that only the gospel of John will write about.

Why Did Jesus Perform Miracles

God still works today, sometimes even miraculously. While different denominations may disagree about the extent to which they occur, none deny the power of God to work for those who love Him, or to bring the lost to Himself. The Word of God does warn against false signs and wonders, so Christians should test the spirits behind remarkable events. Understanding that miracles are a way to invite people into a deeper relationship with Him is important. Faith should not be dependent on seeing great miracles, but rather miracles can be a way to increase existing faith.

What He does will always surpass what we can do

“Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!” (John 2:10)

The master of the feast was wonderfully surprised. The bridegroom didn’t even know how that happened. But we all know: Jesus turned water into wine.

Friends, Jesus can and always will surpass all that we can do. Whether it’s striving to live a holy life, serving Him in ministry, doing service to others, or simply taking care of our own families, Jesus can and will help us do better than what we could possibly do ourselves.

What Was Jesus’ First Miracle



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