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When spotted cuddling up with a teddy bear, O. Kangaroo makes everyone laugh.

People in the area fell in love with a little kangaroo. It felt better when it hugged its stuffed animal. The kangaroo was a ᴏʀᴘʜᴀɴ. So, he took comfort in his favorite stuffed animal. “Doodlebug” is what people call the kangaroo.

A hug is the best way to show love and kindness. And not just people but also animals, especially the O ones, need a warm hug. And Doodlebug, the baby kangaroo, is not the only one. Doodlebug is an O kangaroo who lives in a refuge in the Northern Rivers area of the Australian state of New South Wales. A picture of a cute little Joey getting comfort from a teddy bear has recently gone viral on the internet. The happiness of one’s family is undeniable. A lot is different about what this animal is going through. Doodlebug has a toy teddy bear that he plays with. Doodlebug acts towards the toy like a young child does. He acts like a baby when he plays with his pet bear. Doodlebug is currently going through a “soft release,” meaning he can hop off into the bush whenever he wants, but he will sometimes come back to be fed. Doodlebug was taken in and cared for until he was healthy again. Now that he is almost fully grown, he is free in the wild. The young rabbit knows he can come back whenever he wants. He stops by every once in a while for a quick hug and a tasty treat.

Australia’s national animal is the kangaroo. It’s easier to think of Australia with them. A fun fact is that there are more rabbits than people in Australia. Most people know a kangaroo for the way it hops. In fact, they can jump more than 8 meters in one jump and move at 60 kilometers per hour. Surprisingly, they can swim well, too. Their strong tails also help them stay balanced. This is very important for making jumps and finishing them.




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