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Your Future Starts Today!

The reality is that none of us know what is going to happen in our future, but the actions we take in our present can give us an idea of how our future is going to look like. It is simple as that, what we do today or what we cease to do has a consequence in our life. We create with every action we take our future, therefore, it depends on us to create today what we want to experience tomorrow.
Normally we get surprised when life suddenly punches us in our face with the truth. The truth about that life has gone quickly and our reality is far from being the one that we have ever dreamed of. That is the moment when we ask ourselves – What have I done all my life? How can I be in this situation now when I wanted something different for my life? What has gone wrong? Well my friend, you have been very busy doing something else rather than being focused in creating the life you have always imagined

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So, what are you saying to yourself today?

Are you going to just sit there until you die? Are you going to sit there and keep complaining? Or are you going to activate your faith and believe God for the breakthrough you need?

I believe God has a new beginning for your life today. I believe He is ready to give you a fresh start. The Lord is saying, “Your faith is about to be renewed. Even though you have struggled with some issue for years, I can make you whole in a mere moment!” The woman with the issue of blood said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” In the same way, you need to declare your breakthrough even before you see it come to pass. It’s time to boldly say to yourself, “I am free! I am blessed! God is releasing His favor in my life!” When you activate your faith in this way, a bright new future can be closer than you think. …

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