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A Moment When Two Gorillas Reunite After 3 Years And Embrace Each Other! (With Video)

This is the touching moment when two gorillas hug each other on their reunion after a long time. It is truly amazing to see two animals in love so much! Some people can take a lesson from this. The way they show their brotherhood is adorable and adorable! This shows that they also have feelings and how they show it.

The amazing event was captured on camera at Longleaf Safari Park in Wiltshire, England. The reunion is between two silverback gorillas, Alf and Kesho. They had not seen each other for over 2 years since Kesho was taken to London Zoo as part of a breeding program. They reunited after about 3 years.

So coming together was a very emotional moment. They tearfully embrace and share food together and play on the grass like they are children! They are now very happy again.

Longleat Zookeeper Mark Tye said after the emotional reunion, the two gorilla brothers are acting like they’re inseparable! How charming!

Zoo staff managed to capture and share this unexpected moment, and now this amazing video has gone viral around the world.

Video – YouTube

According to, LEXNAU

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